Extending Grace Int'l Charity. (Charity No 1160866). - Tackling poverty from the grassroot.

Help us support a child today!

Our funding comes from donors from around the world and every single penny donated to Extending Grace Int’l goes towards sponsoring education of a child like Gift including paying for books, meals, school fees and everything relating to unlocking the potential of that child.

If you want to do something truly remarkable and life changing, then support the education of a child today. Your support would make a difference and you'll be able to transform the life of a child.

Ways you can support

There are so many rewarding ways you can get involved with Extending Grace Int'l to help create a brighter future for thousands of children and young people in Africa.

1. Become a Sponsor of one or more children from £12.85 per month (with this, you will receive regular annual progress of your sponsored child) .
2.A regular contribution by direct debit of any amount each month will create a reliable income to sustain our projects.
3. A single cash donation will help our work enormously (please visit our "Make a Donation" page.
4. You can donate by gift aiding some of your taxes on donation in kind or items you have given to us as this will go a long further.
5. Also, you can donate your unwanted items if you are local to us in our charity shop to raise funds (we can arrange a pick up) please call us.
6, You can include us in your WILL.

As a corporate organisation, you can sponsor one or more children or choose us as your preferred charity of the year to regularly fundraise for us.  

You don't have to give a fortune to help make a real difference.
If you're interested in learning more about how you can get involved with supporting our project then please call +44 (0)1474 248040 or 01474 357256 or email info@extending-grace.org