Extending Grace Int'l Charity. (Charity No 1160866). - Tackling poverty from the grassroot.
Extending Grace Int’l is a not for profit Christian charity registered in UK with the aim to see a world where no one is under privileged as God originally intended for them and we achieve this by running various projects that meet the needs of people in our immediate community and the world at large.


 Youth Empowerment - Inspirational talk session after a practice match.

For more information about how you can get involved, please call:
+44 (0)1474 248040, 01474 357256 or email info@extending-grace.org

Asda working together with Fareshare to ensure foods are not going to waste.Asda working together with Fareshare They helped fund a four Health & Wellness Workshops i& Seminars in July 2017.Ebbsfleet UFC are one of our Community Partners. They are helping us to help more under privileged young people who are sleeping rough to come off street living.